TH Forums Highlights: Vegans in Hummers, The Hippie Question and More

While older threads, like the one about why others don't perceive the problem, are still going strong, there's some great discussion happening over at TreeHugger Forums. If you haven't already, you can register for free, log in and add your two cents. Some highlights are below...


1) User JoshuaOshua postulates that "vegans in Hummers are more green than meat-eaters in hybrids." This argument stems from a recent United Nations report that found that raising animals for food is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all vehicles in the world combined.


2) User VTEN-DIESEL was recently called a barbarian for questioning that global warming is occurring. "So, here I am, on this discussion board, trying to drum up some discussion on environmentalism or global warming to see if anyone out there has any real facts on the issue or are all treehuggers out there just over emotional? I can be convinced. I just need facts. So far, I have found very few." Can anyone help?


3) Forum user Collin McConville is perturbed that the environmentalist = hippie stereotype is still widely applied to those of us who give a damn about the planet. The question: "when will all the people against environmentalists see that we aren't all a bunch of pot smoking, treehugging hippies"? Thoughts? More good discussion after the jump...


4) royalquetzal is moving on up, out from under the parents' roof and into an apartment for the first time, and wants to make it as green as possible. "It's sort of hard for me to do many of the tips to green a home since it's not really mine to physically change. So I'm going to have power strips to the entertainment equipment to flip off during work and at night", plus a few other green plans; any more green tips for the green renter?

5) Lastly, user Scott1963 goes on a bit of a rant about population: "The real problem is way too many people on this planet earth!!!! Inless [sic] more couples start going childless, we will always have this problem. Everyone thinks they are the only ones on this "f"in planet!" Jeepers...what can we do about this? User MoonGlue kicks in a fun comment: "i am adopted. 100% recycled human" and 37 more responses await.

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