TH Forums Highlights: Toyota's Plug-In Hybrid, Moral Environmentalism, "Militant Vegans" and More

If you haven't been to The TreeHugger Forums lately, then you're missing out. There are tons of new ideas, interesting questions and lively discussions happening every day, along with a few threads that seem to have touched a nerve and continue to generate comments and responses, weeks after they started. If you haven't already, register for an account (it's free!) and log in to make your voice heard. Here are some of the highlights...


1) Forum user OG points to the announcement that Toyota is now road-testing its plug-in hybrid, with a maximum all-electric range of 8 miles and a top speed of 62 mph, making it the first manufacturer to get a plug-in on the road. But in the thread, inquiring minds want to know: How does a hybrid compare to the diminutive smart car? And where would a plug-in fit in that equation?


2) As noodle-scratchers go, user ataventure has a dilly of a pickle: "Gore proposes that we approach a protected environment in the same way that we approached women's rights ('it's the right thing to do') and civil rights ('racial prejudice is wrong!'). My question is: Why must we protect our environment because 'not protecting it is wrong'?" Further, "It seems to me that the best way to get the greatest number of people involved in the environmental movement would be to include the benefits of an environmentally sound society"...discuss.


3) User LMarett is working on designing a new green building in California, and wants to kick it up with some good green features like "adding additional bike racks & secure storage facilities for the bikes, having preferred parking for Zero Emissions, Low Emissions, or Electric cars (+ having 5 of these spaces actually have recharging units), solar panels in some parking areas that will power the parking lights when dark, etc." Sounds like a good start, but the project is looking for more ideas when it comes to traffic mitigation and reducing the necessary parking spaces. Suggestions? Two more hot threads after the jump...


4) User ataventure is back, and may have opened a Pandora's box with a commentary (and subsequent question) about encountering hostility from vegan dieters. "I'm not sure what determines the thought process of agressive vegan dieters, but it is something I've come to witness in the environmental community as a whole. The militant vegan...seems out of place in the environmental community. They're off in a class by themselves, raised up on a personalized pedestal, judging those of us who are vegetarians, omnivorous, or out and out carnivores." It raises an interesting question: are extremists in this (or any) movement helpful or hurtful?

5) Lastly, gizzigoo, whose son is studying organic agriculture, has been paying attention to his work and notes that organic farming is a "win-win situation...With the organic there is an appreciation or rather more of a value to the food. While I pay more for organic, in the long run food costs me less as I only buy a small amount of processed foods. I see just by changing to organic people can have a huge environmental impact, the more demand the quicker the change." Would you buy organic for the smaller environmental impact, or the taste?

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