TH Forums Highlights: The Plastic Policy, Affordable, Reusable Bags + More


1) Forums user treadlightly has an interesting story about plastic bags: "Today my wife and I went to Kohl's so she could purchase a single long sleeve t-shirt. Upon checking out, we told that cashier that we didn't need a plastic bag. However, she insisted that we take a plastic Kohl's branded bag. We politely refused, but she bagged the item anyway. Upon receiving the bag, I removed the shirt and tossed the bag back on the counter and left the store." An encounter with the manager didn't net anything positive; is a store boycott next?


2) Speaking of reusable bags, user earthwriter says, "Does anyone know where you can find affordable cotton canvas shopping bags? I need more than 3 or 4 and they need to be sturdy, 100% cotton, not cheaply made like the crap poly bags they sell in stupormarkets. I've seen some advertised, but $4 or $5 is too costly for me at the moment, especially since I need more than 6 bags. I really want to stop using plastic and this is important to me. I'd appreciate some help here." Anyone?


3) Lastly, Forums user CarolinaJim asks sort of an interesting question: "If you were given a 1 Ton CO2 offset how would you use the offset?...I like to think of the offset concept in terms of offsetting the unavoidable energy like what is necessary for a household and/or a car. " He says its the equivalent of "burning about ~110 gallons of gasoline, driving a Prius about 6000 miles, flying from Boston to LA on an airliner, living in a college dorm for about 4 months". What are you most likely to zero out with your offset?

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