TH Forums Highlights: The Best New Fuel, Debating Recycling + More

Here's what's going down at TreeHugger Forums, which never takes the weekend off.


1) Forums user GreenTraveler wants to talk about the best fuel for the future. "Personally I think the hydrogen fuel cell should be researched and developed to become our new source of transportation. What are the problems with this? I know the price is one, but does anyone know why it is so expensive?" This is a big debate that's been going on a long time; does hydrogen have a shot at taking over as the future fuel? Let's talk it out.


2) User jumpy is pondering some questions about the details of recycling. "I was wondering what everyone has to say about the reasons some say curbside recycling is bad (for example, b/c of the extra trucks that come around to pick it all up). Just thought it might be interesting to see what everyone has heard. My community recently voted to have curbside recycling, and I'm excited, but wondering if maybe there is a dark side to curbside recycling."


3) Lastly, Forums user mrs.kaa brings up an interesting topic about which form of alternative, renewable energy is the most green. "I am switiching to either wind energy, hydro energy, or a combo of wind and bioenergy. However, their website is hard to navigate. Can anyone tell me what 'bioenergy' might be? I want to make the best choice." Wind energy fans, hydro boosters and bioenergy buffs, this thread is for you.

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