TH Forums Highlights: The Bane of Bottled Water, Veggie Burgers, and More

TreeHugger Forums never seem to rest, with more and more worthwhile discussions and interesting viewpoints brought up every day; you can even weigh in on what you think of Discovery's acquisition of TreeHugger that just went down this morning. Here are a few more of the highlights...


1) Forums user roberrific ponders something that has been on TreeHugger's list for awhile now: how to stop bottled water (incidentally, if you have some time to kill, type "bottled water" into the TH search engine and go nuts). roberrific makes some good points, saying, "These corporations profit from unique marketing that sows the seeds of two lies - bottled water is better for your health, and the public water system is unsafe." Can they be stopped? Weigh in with your answer.


2) User JiltedCitizen has been doing some immersion forum-posting: "Lately I've had quite a few soy products...or fake meat. Some are not too bad at all...One thing is for sure though...just like canned meat, canned fake meat is GROSS." Could they be good enough to sway the omnivorous among us? Some say yes, some disagree.


3) Forums user ajl9290 has taken Blackle, the dark-background, energy-saving version of Google, for a test drive, and after putting it through its paces and kicking the tires, came up with this: "...if you have a CRT monitor, it will save a little bit of energy but not a large amount; you would be better off just buying a LCD monitor which uses much less power. Still, it never hurts to save any bit of energy that we can." Any Blackle-boosters care to chime in? Recycling CDs and electric vehicle charging stations, after the jump...


4) User titchard's is looking for a way to recycle spent electronic media. "My question however, is that I have accumulated alot of old burnt CDs and Minidiscs over my lifetime, and instead of throwing them away is there a way of recycling them, I am unsure due to them having some chemicals in them." Can anyone help him out?

5) Lastly, user LMarrett is back (remember the green building in California?) with a follow-up about charging electric vehicles: "I'm having difficulties in finding any manufacturers or retailers in order to purchase charging stations (I want to have a few permanent stations in the parking lot of the new buildings). I've Googled every buzz word or group of buzz works I can think of, and have found basically SQUAT...Any suggestions?"

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