TH Forums Highlights: Tankless Water Heaters, Greening the Gym and More...

Some highlights from TreeHugger Forums to get you thinking over the weekend...


1) Forums user PatriciaW iw pondering a switch to a tankless water heater, but has been getting tripped up: "I can't decide which is best long term: gas which is non renewable or electricity which is renewable (I buy my electricity from Bullfrog power which uses wind turbines.) However, an electrical heater requires 220V and would require an electrician to install the wires (and probably reorganizing my existing wiring since I do not have any spare breakers.) A gas heater would require 110V for electronic ignition which could be added onto an existing circuit." Gas is definitely more efficient at heating the water, but does wind power make a difference?


2) In a thread started waaaay back in May, Forums user kathreen is wondering about tips on eco-effective things you can do for your new baby. Some new life has been breathed into the thread (after a few users suggesting keeping babies out of the equation altogether, if you want to be really green) by DIY cloth-diapering and co-sleeping, to reduce or eliminate the need for a separate nursery, more space, and more stuff.


3) Lastly, user PatriciaW is back with "a bit of a rant" about how un-green (brown?) the local gym is: "Lights, equipment, TVs etc. are left on all the time. Refrigerators are ancient and the rubber gaskets are falling apart so they ice up," and the list goes on and on. Management shot down the idea of posting signs about ways to be more efficient; what to do? Ideas so far: an exposé in the local paper and showing them the money (as in, the money the could save with more efficient energy use). Anyone else?

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