TH Forums Highlights: Taking Green Action, Is Fur Green? + More

1 cup green + 1 cup discussion + a pinch of keyboard (for spice) is the perfect recipe for TreeHugger Forums. Here are some of the highlights...


1) In a popular topic we've visited several times, Forums user moseph is "wondering, big or small, what is the most recent action you've taken to try and lower your environmental impact? Did you find out about it on the site? Can you tell me how to do it?" Recycling, composting, changing to CFLs, green cleaning, cutting out the junk mail, voting for green...the list goes on, and proves that there is something everyone can do to put a greener face on the planet. What's on your list?


2) User wookie notes, "The Fur Council of Canada has launched a new campaign claiming that fur is the ultimate eco-fashion because it is a renewable resource and biodegradable. Also, the new campaign says that fur is like 'fair trade' because it supports the people off the land." Another user in the thread observes that the only thing that's "green" about fur is that it's the color of Oscar the Grouch's pelt, but another notes that many synthetic alternatives are petroleum-based. So, greenwashing or lesser of two evils? It all depends on what "green" means to you...


3) Lastly, Forums user Hecateus wants to talk science and energy: "I read here on treehugger not too long ago that the production of 2500 watts of power via coal uses 4.5 gallons of water (~17 Liters), or about 556 watts per gallon (147W/L). Nuclear power consumes 2.2 gallons per Kilowatt generated. so NUke Power uses about 20% more water per Kilowatt than Coal." So, which form of energy consumes the least amount of water per kilowatt? Geothermal and solar thermal are way up there...

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