TH Forums Highlights: Solar's Popularity, Green Advertising + More


1) Forums user deepcsuf has a burning question for the Forums: "We all know each technology has its pros and cons. What are your impression of solar power? Is anyone on this forum generating their energy from a solar power system? If not, what would push you to purchase one?" So far, everyone who has weighed in has great things to say about the power of the sun; is there anyone out there who thinks otherwise?


2) User ddonata2 has been hitting the books, and comes to the Forums with an interesting query: "I'm just writing my dissertation on 'green advertising' and if it has a desired impact on consumers. So it's all about YOU! Do you believe in Green advertising? Do you trust it? Does it influence your purchases? What's more important - green or value? Have you come accross greenwashing? What 'green' companies, brands you trust and which ones you don't?" As green continues to become more popular, green advertising will follow; how do you differentiate the real deal from the green fakers?


3) Lastly, user charityjunebug brings as interesting notion to the Forums: systems that discourage green consumer behavior. The example: a drive-thru coffee joint. "They tell me to pull up, and I hand them my mug. Turns out, they already had my coffee made and simply transfered the contents from the disposable (styrofoam!!!) cup to my mug. Which completely cancels out my objective... to cut down on senseless waste. I watched as she tossed that cup in the trash. That cup that had a life span of 45 seconds." When have your green intentions been thwarted?

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