TH Forums Highlights: Solar Gets Cheap, Wind Power on the Go + More

thin film solar cheaper than coal

1) Forums user Cylus_Omally
"I have been looking around forum and people seem to be a bit out of date on their solar facts. The silicon cells are the oldest version of the technology, and a lot of progress has been made. Solar power is now cheaper that coal power." Other users note that, sure, thin film exists, but we can't get our hands on it just yet. Still, solar for $1/watt is a pretty enticing number; will it be that low, even for early adopters? Discuss...

Up close: huge wind turbine blade

2) User TheSilentChamber helps the Forums get up close and personal with wind turbines, as they roll down the highway: "Here are some close up pictures of some windmill blades in transit, to show the size in case some people have never seen them. These are actually some smaller ones, usually the ones that come through are a bit larger and only one per truck. I took these going down the road. I'm not sure where they are made out, but they are always heading north on US 59 through North East Texas." If you haven't seen them before, the blades are something to behold.

Greener way to design products

3) Forums user designmea is looking for some feedback: "Im a product design student, who is currently working on a project that challenges the traditional way of designing, being: client wants a product. designer creates it for them, client tells the consumer they want it. In my opinion this is not sustainable, as the products are often uneccessary. I'm interested in changing this using a different methodology." Click on over to give your two cents on an early design with sustainability in mind.

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