TH Forums Highlights: Sodium Sulfur Batteries, Composting Tips, Peak Natural Gas and More

TreeHugger's Forums continue to generate some really good questions, answers and general discussion about some of the green issues that affect our lives. In the first of an ongoing series, we're highlighting five of the most lively, popular, controversial and interesting forum topics; stay tuned for regular updates two or three times a week, and, if you haven't already, register (it's free!), login and get chatting.


1) BobTrips notes that one of the knocks on some forms of renewable energy is that the sun doesn't always shine on solar panels and the wind doesn't always turn turbines. When it comes to intermittently-produced clean energy, he wonders: are industrial batteries the way to combat this problem?

2) TreeHugger has noted time and again that CFLs are a great way to cut back on energy usage in the home, but for those who haven't caught on, is a carbon tax on incandescent lightbulbs the way to spur people to action? One rationale for such a tax is that the extra revenue generated could go toward neutralizing the extra emissions caused by the bulb, and would make them similarly priced to CFLs. BobTrips is again the forum user posing a question that begs to be answered.

3) sniffmeister is working on setting up a worm box to use for some backyard composting, and is looking to more experienced users for tips. "Where did you get your starter worms? What kind of dirt did you start with? Did you find that you needed to turn/stir the dirt at all?" Anyone with more tips and ideas for successful composting should spend their two cents here; more good discussion after the jump...


4) User ginkow raises an interesting issue: "Here in Utah, Natural Gas is the fuel of choice for heating homes, water, and cooking food. It is far more efficient than electricity, but it seems as if natural gas may go the way of petroleum fuels at some time in the future." What do you think: where does natural gas stand as a viable fuel? Should we be tracking "Peak Natural Gas" as we are with oil?

5) Lastly, user jchret wants to know: "What inspired you to become more conscious about how you impact the environment? Was there ever a defining moment in your life that changed your views on the environment, or were you instilled with eco-friendly values from how you were raised?" With a wistful glance in your green rear-view or nostalgic single tear, recall your light-bulb moment or green epiphany right here.

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