TH Forums Highlights: Recycling Plastic Bottles, Starting a Farmstead + More


1) Forums user NReiter has a question about some recycling rumors for the community: "and im not sure this is true...but I've heard that water bottles do not get recycled if they have the caps still on there any truth in that ? also, anything like milk jugs or peanut butter jars that are "contaminated" with food are immediately thrown out because of the food particles in that real ?" The consensus, so far, seems to all depends.


2) User Ian Gordon has a plan to start a farmstead and he's sticking to it. "I'm definitely up for getting my own place, a plot of land. I've got savings and the like to buy a plot. I'll probably need to do everything myself to get a self sufficient house built and operating and a garden and the like to supply it. Anyone have any hints. I've already got my home defense consultant.." It looks like Australia is the intended locale, and there's apparently a lot to learn...


3) Lastly, Forums user joelcere is looking for some input on eco-travel and sustainable tourism: "I am working on a business project in the area of sustainable tourism / eco-resorts. I would like to hear your opinion about eco-tourism. The aim is to get data to test our assumptions. Your input will make a difference on how we launch and market our project." As another user notes, "There is a lot of bull in the Eco Tourism sector of the tourism industry," so here's your chance to talk about what works and what doesn't.

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