TH Forums Highlights: Plug-In Hybrid Battery Power, Cutting Back Food Waste + More


1) Forums user Hydrotopia notes, "The new announcement by Toyota of installing plug-in batteries in hybrids at the factory was huge - except for the fact that they say the supplemental power supply will only give 7 miles of electric-powered distance! I don't get this? I thought some plug-in batteries were giving 40 miles and over on electric power? What is the deal here? Is Toyota undermining the technology? Why so few miles?" Though started a few weeks back, the thread has been revitalized with some good conversation; feel free to add your two cents.


2) User ml2620 says, "My husband and I are a bit shocked at the amount of food we waste. We tend to eat out alot because of our work schedules, so when it's time for the weekly search and seizure in our fridge - we easily throw out a few pounds of food that's gone bad - veggies, fruit, leftovers, etc. How do you manage to reduce your food waste - use what you have, make the most of scraps?" Composting is a hot topic here, so to speak, but what else can you do to keep the waste down?


3) Lastly, the Tata Nano has Forums user ed's attention: "The world's cheapest car gets 50 MPG, is a marvel of engineering and ruthless cost-cutting sure to bring greater mobility to people throughout the developing world. And that is what makes it so troubling to the U.S. Auto industry, who are helpless to compete." Is it a US car industry-killer, or not a viable western car? We've got votes on both sides; where do you come down?

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