TH Forums Highlights: Paging Dr. Suzuki, Wind Energy for Baseline Power + More

There's 1287 topics in TreeHugger Forums, we got 13074 posts, it's green, and we're reading the highlights. Hit it.


1) Forums user Moe146 has composed an open letter to David Suzuki regarding a statement that Dr. Suzuki made about balancing our fight against global warming with some individuals' distaste for wind turbines in their backyards: "So, Mr. Suzuki, we should just ignore the dangers to people and the environment, it’s too bothersome…not good for the 'cause'?" The attack against Dr. Suzuki is not taken lying down, and a tete-a-tete ensues about wind power, tar sands, global warming and more.


2) Speaking of wind power, user green points to an article about a study that proves wind energy could provide baseline power by joining many wind farms together using transmission lines, in order to generate a steady dependable source of electricity. "'This study implies that, if interconnected wind is used on a large scale, a third or more of its energy can be used for reliable electric power, and the remaining intermittent portion can be used for transportation, allowing wind to solve energy, climate and air pollution problems simultaneously.'" Looks like a good deal, but not everybody in the thread is sold quite yet.


3) Lastly, Forums user inkabinkaboo182 has created a long (but, by no means exhaustive or all encompassing) list of green tips, to help you help the planet. From flicking off the lights when you leave a room to installing solar power, recycling to eating less meat, and buying local, organic foods to living in a smaller house, the list goes from easy to difficult, cheap to expensive, achievable today to lifelong goals, and proves one thing: that there is something that everyone can do every day to make the world a little greener. Is there anything on your list that you can add?

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