TH Forums Highlights: Packing Peanuts, Peak Oil + More

Trying to get through Monday without falling asleep at your desk? Dig in to some of the more interesting threads over at TreeHugger Forums...


1) Forums user charityjunebug has a bone to pick with method: "So I get my package and guess what??? Everything had those horrible styrofoam "peanuts" in the box! I just don't understand why it's necessary to begin with... I ordered mopping supplies and a few bottles of other things. They were already protected in their own packaging." The thread leads to good suggestions for reusing (and avoiding) the dreaded 'nuts and even about whether or not sodium laurel sulfate is okay or not.

2) User Aitrus would like to remind us all that global warming isn't the only serious problem plaguing the planet; peak oil is still looming as a huge environmental concern, but all is not lost: "Having done significant research on the subject of energy, it appears to me that the most significant untapped resource for energy is 'negawatts' or demand reduction." Nega-wha? Get down with this and other energy policy ideas for minimizing the effects of the dreaded peak.


3) Lastly, Forums user Sambo is looking to have some cake and eat it, too. Thanks to some copious bookkeeping, he knows that his water use is around 66 gallons a day; that's too much, and a lot of that from the shower. "I like my shower to be very powerful. This unfortunately results in a 40 gallon shower. How can I have both a powerful shower and use less water?" If you know a good, non-trickling low-flow showerhead, then let's hear from you!

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