TH Forums Highlights: NIMBY, "Safe Nuclear" and More

The beat goes on at TreeHugger Forums, and they've gotten big enough that we need some moderators; if you or someone you know would be good at keeping an eye on things, follow the instructions in the post. Meanwhile, some interesting new threads are growing by the minute. Here are some of the highlights...

1) User thefictionwelive presents "Andrew's Guide to Hugging Trees While Broke", which includes some pretty good tips for going green and saving green at the same time. Featured on the list are: buying second hand, using product service systems like the library and video rental services and staying away from cars for personal transportation.


2) MyDogRex says, "So let's be honest with ourselves for just a moment. Are you a NIMBY (not in my back yard)? I read a lot of postings about people getting upset when somebody doesn't want a wind turbine to 'spoil' their view. So I was curious what is your threshold level?" Could it be that prevailing NIMBYism is holding us back from a greener future?


3) User OG notes that the fallout continues at the nuclear plant near the epicenter of the earthquake in Japan earlier this week. Included in the difficulties are spilled waste drums, leaked radioactive water, fires and burst pipes, and a chink in the armor of those who portend that nuclear is "totally safe" energy. More hot topics after the jump...

4) MissyWombat is concerned, because at the workplace, there's "Just a choice between plastic, paper and polystyrene. No recycling available in the kitchen itself - it's going to end up in the landfill." We have an idea about what to do...
5) Lasly, user jtate is looking for advice: "Does anyone know of any solar products or projects that are feasible for renters? I'm interested in decreasing my reliance on propane for winter-time heating, but I can't install anything into the roof or a wall since I rent." The house is in a light residential neighborhood in North Carolina. Ideas?

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