TH Forums Highlights: More Green Christmas, Florida Floating Away? + More


1) Forums user socalhockeygal starts up a hot topic these days: the holidays. "I've read a lot about greening your Christmas on different blogs and forums lately. There has been a lot of talk about Christmas trees (fake vs. real), Christmas lights (using LEDs), and "green" gifts. My idea is that the greenest gifts you can give are ones that you know 100% are going to be used and are preferably not brand new. I'm talking about making gifts from things you already have around the home or baking holiday desserts for loved ones. But my question there anything else you can do to be greener?"


2) User William is worried about the future of Florida as the globe continues to warm, the icecaps continue to melt, and sea levels continue to rise. "More Nuclear Power plants than any other state in the US. I believe, last I checked. Committed to build even more power plants over next few years, and not just nuclear. A steady flow of polluted water stretches its arms to the Gulfstream Atlantic daily." William thinks "Florida has the most to lose" with global warming bearing down on the planet; why isn't more being done?


3) Lastly, Forums user Greenmomoftwo is concerned with the rising tide of imported goods flooding local markets. "I'm trying to reduce the amount of crap that I buy that has been imported from across the world, thinking of all the oil and resources it takes to get that crap to my country and then my home. (The rash of safety recalls recently heightened my concern!) Do any of you think about that? How do you go about reducing your dependence on stuff that is imported? I'd love to hear some ideas." Spend your two cents on buying local.

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