TH Forums Highlights: Marketing Global Warming, Is Hunting Green? + More...

Life at TreeHugger Forums is a highway, we want to ride it all night long...


1) Forums user ArcheoTerra has a beef with using global warming as a scare tactic/behavior-changer: "Please don't get me wrong, I think efforts made to 'save' the earth are all very important and good ideas, I am obviously a big fan of green everything especially since I'm learning more about it, but global warming shouldn't be used as a scare tactic. Scare tactics are bad, and easily become skewed into propaganda, in my opinion." Wow, some passionate responses on both sides here.


2) User aitrus was surprised at the way "treehuggers" were portrayed in a hunting safety course in Ontario, Canada. "This was obviously a pejorative term used to describe anyone who is against hunting, but I was curious about how many self-professed tree huggers would in fact fit the bill of being against hunting...perhaps the most interesting thing to me is how much common ground your average hunter shares with your average environmentalists." What do you think: can you hug trees with a hunting rifle slung 'round your back?


3) Lastly, Forums user ed wants to transform the way retiring Baby Boomers get themselves around. "The burgeoning of the Nation's senior population is driving government at all levels to reexamine services such as Social Security, health care, and transportation. With all this going for bikes, you would think everyone would want to ride them, but just the opposite is true. WHY?" If biking were more senior-friendly, would it be more popular? Hmm...

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