TH Forums Highlights: Low-E Film, Today's Necessities, and Supplemental Energy

Low-E window film

1) Forum member rosebytes needs help in searching for "practically clear" Low-E Window film for cooling during the summer months, but is having some trouble finding any. She's looking for anyone who might know of a source that isn't, "decorative, frosted or tinted."Does anyone out there know of any sources? I know a lot of frosted/decorative window film out there, but I can honestly say I've not done a search for Low-E film before.

flatscreen tv

2) ed is asking us to think about what we consider necessities in this day and age. "Today, new homes average more than 2,400 square feet, and there are fewer people living in them (about one person fewer, compared with the 1970s). Smaller homes cost less to buy, insure, heat, cool and maintain."Citing a Pew Research study, ed breaks down what we view as necessities today. You might be surprised at some of the results.

wind turbine

3) mikebeavis has an active topic and poll about whether you may have thought about installing a supplemental renewable energy source. The results of the poll are fascinating in that beyond the government providing tax benefits, they might want to consider a boost in education. See why.

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