TH Forums Highlights: Living Without a Car, Good Green Quotes + More


1) Forums user Bram has a problem, "I'm a sysadmin & programmer. I don't have a car or a driver's licence. Apparently, possible employers think this is a problem. Any job I've ever applied for has always been easily accessible via public transport (which is pretty good in tiny Belgium). However, the most common reason for being turned down, was still my driving 'problem' (as they put it). How can I convince my future employers that I don't need a car for a 9 to 5 job."


2) User mmm_puddin has a melon-scratcher for us all: "Hi, I am looking for some really good bold, in your face, alarming environmental statements or facts or quotes." So far, there's a good one about biodiversity -- "We're in a period of massive extinction now. A year ago there were 5000 species on Earth that aren't here today. A year before that there were 5000 more species that aren't alive today." -- and tree planting: "If you planted 300,000 trees and allowed them to grow for their full lifetime, they would offset the amount of CO2 that a single 500-megawatt coal-fired electric plant in produces in a single week." Anyone else?


3) Lastly, Forums user kcmasterpiece is working on re-making the way we get around. "I asked myself a question a year ago. How can the bicycle be improved upon to add more power and less human work and be more of a replacement for a car? My imperfect conclusion was that we have to combine the power of animals with the efficiency of the bicycle. To date, the most efficient use of energy for transportation. My invention is a tandem attachment for a harnessed dog to petal along with the bicycler." Is this a reasonable idea, or just inspired nuttiness?

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