TH Forums Highlights: Light Switches, Starting a Garden + More

Hotel light switch

1) Forums user GreenTraveler says, "Believe it or not, empty guest rooms are a leading cause of wasted energy…possibly even the leading cause of wasted energy in travel. How many times have you left the lights on in your hotel room without thinking twice about it? It seems when we're not the ones footing the bill, it's easier to forget about the ecological impact of our actions." Interesting point about going green while on the go; what do you think?

Starting a garden

2) User the boz is looking to start a garden: "I'd like to see if anyone can recommend a book or site that would help me get started with growing a garden. My house is in Houston, TX, so I need things that can stand the heat, and that I can grow to take advantage of our (mostly) lack of winter. In addition to that, since I don't have a lot of time to spend gardening every day, I need things that require almost no attention, save watering and some basic stuff up front." Master gardeners, do you any tips?

GENIE Generator

3) Forums user Mark Goldes takes note of a new power generator: "GENIE generators are expected to replace the need to plug-in a plug-in hybrid. Two kW is all the power that can be taken from a typical wall socket. A pair of 1 kW GENIE generators are expected to demonstrate a compact, inexpensive, capability to end the need to plug-in, prior to the end of this year." Is this for real?

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