TH Forums Highlights: Light Bulb Moments, Mass Transit + More

What's the rumpus over at TreeHugger Forums? Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) Forums user davidari poses an interesting question to the community: "What information -- and please be specific -- won you over to the concept of anthropogenic global warming? Was it the IPCC report(s), or had you made up your mind earlier? Was it the media reports regarding the IPCC releases, if not the releases themselves? Was it your circle of friends, or related interests? Was it a gut feeling?" We have a feeling Al Gore will be involved in a few of these answers...


2) User inkabinkaboo182 raises an issue a lot of people would like to have an answer for: "I'm trying to help my Mom work out a way to use public transportation to get to her work and back. And it's killing me. I live near Philadelphia, and right now I'm really wishing that public transportation would be more like it is in Europe. What do you think can be done to get it that way?" Is it as simple as changing the infrastructure, or does it require a total shift in the way we think about where we live, and how we get around? Is it the fault of the suburbs? Short of moving, what can we do to get out of our cars?


3) Lastly, Forums user jcoffman is thinking outside the box; who else is up for it? "What are a couple of your ideas on things that you see everyday that could be changed to be better. BUT...try to think of way to allow the continued convenience. Sure we can all say just stop driving and ride a bike, but the reality is that most people cant do that..." To start off the thread, the idea is this: "Take all of those marketing CD's (like AOL) or those CD's shipped in computer gaming magazines and use re-writable CD's instead of single use. That way folks who get them, rather than tossing them when they are done can re-use them as needed." Anyone else?

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