TH Forums Highlights: Kitty Litter, Green Limos + More

Shake off that case of the Monday's over at TreeHugger Forums...


1) Forums user megsmind wants to get down and dirty with kitty litter: "I'm currently using corn-cob cat litter. It's ungodly expensive and doesn't seem to mask oder at all... is it any better/worse then traditional clay litter? Is there another litter I should try?" Newspaper, pine pellets and wheat-based have been added to the discussion; anyone else?


2) User hurleylimo is trying to green his company, a limousine service based in New Jersey. They've gotten as far as adding hybrids to the fleet, but how to promote it? "We provide door to door service for the Northeast seaboard. We have strived to 'go Green' we have a fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and I'm at a loss as to how best to advertise them." Do limo clients care about green? How can we make them?


3) Lastly, user doncorneo wonders about a piece about a TreeHugger piece (over at MSN) about fuel efficiency and safety: "The point was that the auto makers said that greener (more fuel efficient) cars would be unsafe because they will have to be lighter. Greener cars can be built safely, but the technology that will allow this is not usable because of U.S. Patents. Gas engines can get twice the milage from a tank of gas if our leaders revoke a 50+ year old Patent amongst others." Yikes; how do we get around this and prove we can make fuel-efficient and safe cars? Weigh in here.

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