TH Forums Highlights: It's Getting Hot in Here, Light Bulb Disposal and More

Things are really heating up over at TreeHugger Forums. Old topics, like the air car's new life, are still being debated, while the over 1100 users add new threads as fast as we can read them. To add some of your own flavor to the ongoing discussions, register (it's free) and login to dive in to the green debates. Here are some of the highlights...


1) Clutchlove asks the forum a cosmic question: "Does anyone here think that we can cause enough damage to the plant with our wasteful practices that we will actually set it in a downward spiral to it's doom?" Attitudes range from somber to apocalyptic to rosy and bright.


2) User Timetrvlr posts an article that says, among other things, that "New research suggests climate change could be faster and more furious than anyone expects" and paints a picture of a bathwater-like Arctic Ocean. Is that really what we can look forward to if we don't make a change, or is it just another fear-mongering scare-tactic by the drama-seeking media? There are some folks on both sides.


3) Forum user MoonGlue puts the forum's polling functionality to work with an interesting topic: "Most of us have some friends who are good people, but they just don't care. Because they smoke pot and sit around all day. I germinated a few pot seeds some untidy guests left near the sink...At first they didnt really care (go figure), but once the plants began to grow they got interested in it. I taught them how to compost houshold wastes for fertilizers. Was I wrong for using the cultivation of these substances to get my people interested in earthy hobbies?" TreeHugger never inhaled, and doesn't condone illegal activity of any kind, but it's still an interesting question...More good discussion after the jump...


4) User herr_roe is going green by switching to using CFLs, but "was wondering if someone could possibly tell me what a good way to dispose of the typical old light bulbs is. As a bonus, the thread helps readers figure out what to do once in a blue moon when trusty old CFLs burn out, too.

5) Lastly, francesca18sr wants to know, "Does anyone know how to make your own home-made kitchen cleaners?" Talk of microfiber, essential oils, and good old-fashioned vinegar lead in a couple of interesting directions...what's your favorite home elixir?

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