TH Forums Highlights: Is Walking Worse than Driving?, Global Warming Deniers, Baking Brownies and More

Over at TreeHugger Forums, topics from energy to global warming to diapers to brownies are up for discussion, and with the addition of monster trucks and toilets, there's never a dull moment. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) samchase joins the recent fray started by the "Is walking worse than driving?" debate; though it seems a bit silly, "The article talks about meat, but it does beg the question as to what the carbon footprint of a vegetarian diet is in relation to travel. I don't do well with numbers, but does anybody with a science background know if this article is legitimate?" Thoughts?


2) Forums user bkfass is trying to swing the tide of some global warming-denier relations: "Does anyone know a good resource where someone tracks who the global warming deniers are and where their money comes from? I need this in my arsenal while debating my "brown" family...."


3) In the same vein, user OG spots an interesting read: a "lightbulb" moment for a former climate change-denier who writes for Reason Magazine: "On the day that the studies were released I wrote a column for Reason in which I declared that my skepticism of man-made global warming was at an end...." The "most terrifying video you'll ever see" and baking brownies, after the jump...


4) Forums user ajl9290 points to a lengthy (in short-attention-span internet user time, at least: almost 10 minutes) video featuring a man, a plan, and a dry-erase board, who distills down a dense, scientific topic into something bite-sized and tasty for even the most casual TreeHugger. Check it out now and thank ajl9290 later.

5) Lastly, user wannaBgrn takes a moment to share a "lightbulb" story: "My 'moment' came last night when I made my family a pan of brownies. I substitute prune puree for the oil. Well, I got lazy and used baby food prunes instead of making my own. I washed the plastic container the baby food came in and happened to check the bottom. It was a #7 plastic. It felt like a kick in the stomach." When did your "moment" come?

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TH Forums Highlights: Is Walking Worse than Driving?, Global Warming Deniers, Baking Brownies and More
1) samchase joins