TH Forums Highlights: Is Organic Better, Slow Food and More

TreeHugger Forums is nearing 1,000 green topics, the good, bad and ugly aspects of the green world continue to come out, in an increasingly diverse range of ideas and thoughts. To add your own flavor to the green goodness that's brewing, register for free and log in today. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) river-runner say, "Joseph Newman as far as I am concerned is probably one of the most important ideologists of our future. He has been kicked in the arse by the fed, humiliated by corporate America, and has the nuts to keep on going. This bloke has (many years ago) invented a way of providing energy with close to 0 electrical power". He's been a hot topic in the forums lately; why doesn't the rest of the world know him?


2) Forum user mglass ponders whether eating organic might actually be bad for the environment. "According to a recent article in The Economist, this might be true. Read more about it here and voice your opinion!"


3) As long as we're talking food, forum user gizzigoo says, "I'm not sure if any of you have heard of slow food, but in Australia it is very linked to organic local growers and it is also a social thing, about enjoying our foods and an appreciation of what we have. A firm defence of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life." More good discussion after the jump...


4) MoonGlue says, "Every weekend I try to make one change in my area. It can be as simple as writing thank you letters to enviornmentally aware companies, to setting up a vegitbale [sic] garden for friends, to calling local officials and making suggestions and thank yous." This week, it's a letter to the Governor of Virginia, asking to remove plastic bags from its stores. "Everyone get your pens out for an hour once a week, and write to your leaders. It's a small thing to do!"

5) Lastly, moderator Alida Cornelius posted The TreeHugger Book Club thread awhile back, asking users to "post about a book, tell us about a book you are writing, have written, want to write, a good book, a mediocre book, a bad book...If it's in any way related to our environment and the planet, let's hear about it. I wonder how many "green" books and stories we can discover?" Any favorites not on the list yet?

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