TH Forums Highlights: If Not Al Gore, Who?, Convincing Green Arguments + More


1) Forums user goldh37 asks a really good question: "Have you had trouble getting your friends to be greener? What techniques, if any, did you use? I find statistics to be boring and I hate using them. I used to use the fact that often times it saves money, but that doesn't seem to bother people because everyone is concerned about the short term." This is a huge issue, with no simple answers. Anyone care to weigh in?


2) User stevenchen18 notes that Al Gore's former life as a politician might not have positioned him well to appeal to everyone: "I greatly respect him solely because he worked very hard on environment issues, most importantly the Global Warming. To my surprise, some genuine environmentalists have reservations about Al Gore. Because of this, many of Al Gore’s political foes, disguising themselves as environmentalists, launched attacks to him. It confused people and had negative impact on environment movement." So the question is: if not Al, who?


3) Lastly, user tangmonkey notes that, "If you spend a lot of time on green/environment sites you could be fooled into thinking the environment is a big deal online but it's really a small niche. How can we expand the reach of green on the web to include more people and get green ideas out to the masses?" Branding "green" as "fun" and making green products cheaper than conventional products have been suggested; both easier said than done, unfortunately, so what else can we do to spread the good word?

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