TH Forums Highlights: How to Green Your Friends, Best Green Bumperstickers and More...

It's been another fascinating week of chatter and discussion at TreeHugger Forums. It's great to see such a wide variety of people and subjects under discussion; as always, we encourage you to register here (it's free!), log in and talk amongst yourselves. Here are some of the highlights...


1) Forums user eugene is going to inherit some land one of these days; half has been cleared to farm, some of it has been logged, and it doesn't appear to be super-fertile to exist as a full-time farm, so he wonders, "is there anything I can do to give back to the environment a little bit?" So far, letting it come back on its own, selling it, building on it and digging a pond (for fish farming) are all suggestions that eugene is pondering.


2) User Ursus recently saw a "bright yellow ford f-250, window sicker said 'BIODIESEL: This truck is a VEGETARIAN'", and wonders what other users' favorite "green and proud" bumper stickers are. "Give Peas a Chance", "You Can't Hug With Nuclear Arms" and "One less car on the road", seen on a bike in Venice Beach are all up there...anyone else?


3) User Chester Huggins doesn't want to stoop to industrial espionage to get the roommates to go green, but wonders "exactly how you guys went about brining our stances into friendly conversations. Sometimes it seems that they are so far from awareness..." Is living by example enough? Rain barrels and disposable coffee cups, after the jump...


4) NOGoddess is going to be opening a coffeehouse in New Orleans, and wants to make it as green as possible. Part of this equation includes deciding which take-out cups to use: "I love the biodegradable options, but they are really only effective if they are actually composted, and I doubt that most people will actually compost them. So I'm thinking it would make more sense to use containers made from recycled materials." Thoughts?

5) Lastly, yarzy says, "Hi guys, I am new to the board, so any help would be great. I want to make a rain barrel but I am not sure where to get the barrel from. I don't want to spend a lot of $ on this, and I was going to use a trash can, but after setting it up, I really did not like the way it looked to have a trash can permanently next to the house. Could you give me any pointers on where I could get a cheap barrel from? I am not sure where to start with this..." Rain harvesting experts, let's hear from you!

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