TH Forums Highlights: Helping Others Go Green, Pellet Stoves + More


1) In an interesting twist on an old question, Forums user mikebeavis says, "Hi all, I was thinking about how we all talk about how we planted a tree, started recycling, installed CFL bulbs in our homes, etc. etc. etc. That is of course wonderful. But I wonder how many of us have helped someone else go green, whether they knew it or not? I'm a big believer that many people won't consider efficiency unless you can show them that it can positively benefit their wallets." What do you think: is it all about the cash? Is that a good enough reason to go green?


2) User kah has a pellet stove question for seasoned corn or pellet burners: "I have been thinking of trading in my large capacity wood stove for a pellet stove. I am finding the wood stove just too messy and even though I have the largest capacity that Pacific Energy makes, the burn does not last overnight. I had hoped that the pellet stove would cut my oil consumption costs and offer a longer burn rate over the wood stove. However, I have been told that if one is not mechanically inclined, that a pellet stove is not an option. This salesman said that the motors always need tweeking and it is difficult to find someone to service them." Yea or nay; true or false?


3) Forums user pdxuser wants to get technical: "Does anyone know if there's been an LCA to find out if using AA/AAA batteries is ever better than taking juice off the grid? As bad as a coal-fired power plant is, it seems like the production of an individual AA battery for its less than 3 watt-hours of electricity is very inefficient...The only setup I can think of that might beat the grid would be a battery recharged by a solar charger." We can almost hear the calculators calculating....

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