TH Forums Highlights: Greening the Children, Carbon Negativity + More

Type out loud and speak your mind over at TreeHugger Forums; here are some recent highlights.


1) Forums user planet_MATTers knows that the children are our future (thank you, Whitney Houston), but is wondering if they're given the necessary opportunity to learn about green at school: "For those of you who have children, how involved are they with the 'green movement', do you think they get enough (or any) education on the subject at school. Are the people who will inherit this planet be any better at taking care of it that we have been?" Perhaps not too surprisingly, most of the green education seems to come from the home and green parents who lead by example, rather than at school.


2) User JohnParker brings up a topic that has been gaining momentum in the green world: carbon negativity. A step or two further than carbon neutrality, JohnParker thinks that, "We have to get past talk of mere reductions to get to stategies for reducing total atmospheric CO2. I'm wondering if anyone else has thought along these lines. To quote Bertrand Russell: 'The only thing that will redeem humanity is cooperation.'" With references to thievery, socialism and that "behavior sinks to the level of the consequences," this thread looks to the future of carbon emissions, carbon markets, and what it'll take to truly turn things around. Interesting stuff.


3) In one of the more unusual ideas we've seen in the Forums in a while, user monkeypuncher has an interesting idea to limit carbon emissions: population control. "Could an operator in a western country, where CO2 per person is highest, provide free of charge birth control measures such as abortion, morning after pills, sterilisation etc...and fund those activities by selling the carbon credits? What more effective way could the possibly be to limiting greenhouse gasses?" What do you think: ridiculous idea or possibly part of the solution? Log in and spend your two cents.

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