TH Forums Highlights: Green Wood Stoves, Cloth Diapers and More

TreeHugger Forums are growing every day, adding great new content that helps us learn, share, discuss and push sustainability mainstream. Here are some of the highlights...


1) stevejust has some bad news to report: "Friday (the 13th) I was riding home, and I got creamed by a black 4-door sedan at the intersection of La Cienega and Clifton Way in Beverly Hills. The car took off. Witnesses said there's no way the car driver didn't know they hit me." Ouch. It's a jungle out there, steve. Not one to be easily discouraged, he says, "I think I'm going to keep riding my bike to work."


2) Even though it's the middle of summer, user laserninja is planning ahead: "Is a modern low emissions wood stove a good green heating source? Are any brands or models that are greener than any others?" Anyone wishing to weigh in on the lifecycle implications of wood vs. wood pellets vs. corn: this thread is for you!


3) Forum user afeather is expecting the pitter patter of little TreeHugger feet in November, and, after doing some homework, has decided that, when it comes to diapers, cloth is the way to go. Still, they "are getting lip from people who say the use of resources to produce and then clean them outweighs the production and disposal of the disposable. we dont have a dryer so its really just the electricty [sic] and water to run the washer. thoughts?" More good discussion after the jump...


4) To update the process that started last week, user MoonGlue has added the letter and subsequent reply from the Governor's office in Virginia. As it turns out, the Guv isn't quite ready to ban the baggies across the state, though there do seem to be avenues for recycling. But best of all, "I will continue to post letters and the responses in this thread as i get them. I encourage others to do the same!"

5) Lastly, user OG has found something worthy of attention: a "98 mpg vehicle selling like hotcakes...Pre-sales already at $110 billion. Wow...what could it be? A plug-in hybrid? Al Gore's head in a basket that makes bicycles fly like in "E.T."? Or something in between? Click on over to find the answer...

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TH Forums Highlights: Green Wood Stoves, Cloth Diapers and More
1) stevejust has some bad news to report: "Friday (the 13th) I was riding home,

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