TH Forums Highlights: Green Skepticism, Solar Laptops + More

Cruise into the weekend with TreeHugger Forums...

1) Forums user jamesrocket isn't quite convinced that going green is a good thing to do. "How do you know that we need to do anything about the environment? Could it not just be the cycle of the earth? The science does support it but some people do present persuasive arguements to the contrary... So how do you know and what makes you act on your belief in the environmental issues?" Interesting question; what motivates you to green your life?


2) Let's talk solar laptops with user lotuseater, who has plans to pick up a new, green laptop, and wants to power it with the sun, if possible. "i'm wondering if anyone knows of a viable solar powered laptop on the market. or of a solar powered charger that will at least allow me to run my laptop on solar power. short of the above, does anyone have ideas about what kind of laptop is the most environmentally sound? which company has the best track record?" There are a surprising number of considerations here...


3) Lastly, Forums user dave87325is is wondering about how to figure out how much rain can be collected using permeable paving -- there's surely some math equation and number crunching that can be done, no? It seems to be a slightly different game than collecting rainwater from the roof, anybody know how to cash in on pouring water on permeable paving? Discuss...

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