TH Forums Highlights: Green Screw-ups, Upstart Startups + More

Got something green on your mind? Speak up and make your voice heard at TreeHugger Forums; here are some recent highlights...


1) Forums user Wai brings self-knowing self-deprecation to the question, "What have you screwed up while trying to be greener?" Involving clothes washing and outdoor drying mishaps, Wai is looking for a little help (and maybe just a little sympathy); how would you answer the question? It's okay, let it all hang out; the Forums is a place for learning, not judgment. Nobody ever said it was always going to be easy being green...


2) User practica mentions a few green businesses started up by young (20-30) women who are "not just confident in their own work, but optimistic that their 20-and-30-something peers 'get it' and are becoming more mindful consumers." Clearly, the light bulb has clicked on for them, but what about other young businesspeople? And, beyond that, what are some market-based solutions for getting more people on board with green business? The difference between advertising and informing is key here...


3) Lastly, REDhcp has a question for the Forums community: "I am just curious as to what the best way to keep heat inside and cold outside is- i am moving up to Wisconsin fro Nebraska and I am not sure if buying a bunch of thermal drapes (which are kinda pricey when you add it up) but they look nice!) or using the plastic stuff over the windows" is the better way to avoid the scene at left. Windows let out a huge amount of energy, but having them is sure a nice way to let sunlight in; who can help do the math?

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