TH Forums Highlights: Green Pet Owning, Reducing Heating Costs + More


1) Forums user inkabinkaboo182 has a question about a new member of the family: "I just got a new dog yesterday (adopted from a shelter, of course!), and I'm having trouble finding organic goods for him. He's a big, 70 lbs, dog, and not yet fully grown at ten months old. He needs some stuff, and I want it to be organic. Specifically, I'm looking for a dog bed and dogs toys made of organic materials, but that's just for now." Green pet owners, we need to hear from you!


2) User Falkon sez, "I need help from the Treehugger think tank. Here's my situation. I'm in a renovated historic house that I'm renting, and my electric bill seems to go down every month, but the bill for gas heat is terrible. I rent this place, so more efficient central heat is unfortunately not an option. I can make any changes that can easily be reversed. The only thing that runs on natural gas is the heating system...What else can I do?" Anyone?


3) Lastly, Forums user bluekathy is wondering about water. She says, "I have a question for all of you thoughful peeps. It is said that there is a severe drought across many of the states in the US. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is why? If water, turns to vapor or ice... how does it ever really go away?" As it happens, it's not so much a problem of it going away; it's just not quite as available (and clean) as we'd like it to be. What can we do about that?

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