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1) Forums user AdamSinger brings up a hot topic on TreeHugger lately: "Is it possible to build a green mega mansion? Is that an oxymoron, or worse yet, unethical?" Citing examples like "enough solar panels to cover a regulation-size basketball court and could generate enough energy for two average-size homes" and "enough reclaimed wood to save 7.5 acres of Brazilian rain forest" the home could be a model of green if it weren't so darn big. At what point is big too big to be green? So far, other users have come down on both sides of this one.


2) User stevejust points out that oil prices recently hit an all-time high when adjusted for inflation. Back in the '70's, when the last "record high" for oil prices was set, there were shortages and it was huge, front-page style news. So the question is: why not this time 'round? Has oil become an afterthought? Are we just more prepared for the price to continue to go up, up, up? Or does the increased fuel efficiency of some of today's cars make it hurt less in the pocketbook? Hmm...


3) Lastly, Forums user teemstrohs is busily remodeling a house. "i want to be as efficient as i can afford. right now i.m trying to map out lighting. obviously cfls are going to make the most sense." Or are they? There's a CFL to fit just about any fixture these days, including dimmers and 3-way switches, but at least one contributor to the thread seems to think that LEDs are a better way to go. New construction/complete remodels are certainly different animals than retrofitting existing fixtures; can anyone lend a helping hand here?

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