TH Forums Highlights: Green Living, Biodegradable Packaging + More

We've got a fever, and the only prescription is more TreeHugger Forums...


1) When it comes to reconciling the demands of life with the demands of the green life, Forums user dfdphdcandidate acknowledges that it ain't always as easy as maybe it should be. "So here is my dilemma; I, like most of you, have several major constraints on my ability to be green. I have economic restraints (I am a POOR grad student), lifestyle constraints (my partner is a grad student at another university 1500 miles away, so we fly), and I imagine many of you have work-related constraints, like having to commute. At the same time, like most of you, I have major ecological, social, and health concerns and try to be as green as I can." There's a fine balance in there, somewhere...


2) Biodegradable generally means good, right? So asks user aberwulf, who wonders if "the simple fact that something is biodegradable mean it's safe for the planet?" We know it's not quite that simple, but it turns out that the answer is a pretty quick one: composting; this leads to more discussion on the finer points of breaking down organic waste. Master composters, this thread is for you!


3) Lastly, Forums user tangmonkey wants to know if it's better to fly or drive long distances when it comes to carbon emissions and general eco-footprint. There's lots of math, lots of variables and lots of considerations here; it all adds up to a lot of room for interpretation and discussion. Doing neither is probably "most green," but we have to be realistic. Or do we?

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