TH Forums Highlights: Green Fashion, Goat Mowers + More


1) Let's talk fashion with Forums user Louisevissen, a fashion photography student who's curious about the way that green fashion is marketed to us green consumers. "I believe that it could become a strong point in magazines such as Vogue and be marketed in just as glamourous a way, and be able to help the environment." Can green fashion bring the sexy back? Discuss.


2) User megsmind is looking to replace a riding lawn mower that's gone to the big green field in the sky. Not with another riding mower, mind you, but with a goat or two. "We have 7 acres (with extremely little grass or brush because of the dry climate), and besides the fact that I don't want to spend the $1500, it doesn't seem environmentally friendly to have a big old mower when a sweet smelly and annoying goat could do the trick." We know they're wanted in Seattle; what about elsewhere?


3) Lastly, Forums user lee is a bit confused about a water filter's (greenwashed?) claim: "I just don't understand what they are saying... They claim that these are "continuous ionized electrolysis water filters" so basically they are saying that they not only filter the water, that they then toss in all these "positive ions" and then also that they electrolyze the water so that it also contains hydrogen(!)" Wha?

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