TH Forums Highlights: Green Clothing, Green Cleaning + More


1) Forums user apilmouse starts
a thread about cute organic t-shirts: "I think it is a great idea i bought 4 tshirts for myself and 2 baby ones saying save whats left.. awsome they even have a web site". A couple of users agree that people are great billboards for the green movement; a few other users disagree -- they aren't interested in advertising or being unofficial spokespeople, no matter how green the product. Interesting; where do you stand?


2) User MyGreenTalk says, "Cleaning supplies will always be harmful chemicals. Does anyone have any alternate ideas or green freindly supplies?" Several users have good ideas not only for their favorite brands, but for ways to make your own at home. A little baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar and some essential oil will go a long way toward green cleaning in your home; no harsh chemicals required, it turns out.


3) Forums user gitRgreen says, "I recently discovered that the recycling program in my area only accepts type 1 (PETE) and 2 (HDPE) plastic containers (with necks). I had been mistakenly placing yogurt tubs (type 5- PP) and similar items in the bin for quite a while. Now I feel guilty placing these items in the trash. My question to others is- are you able to recycle other plastic besides type 1 and 2 in your community? Is my recycler holding out on me?" Turns out this is a common predicament...

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