TH Forums Highlights: Green Car Marketing, Killing Vampire Power + More

Green car marketing

1) Forums user Its_not_easy_being_green says, "As an interest in alternative energy grows, so to does the market for hybrid and electric cars. Today, nearly every major auto manufacturer is gladly responding to this niche. Unfortunately, it appears that the welcoming of these technologies is more reactionary to anti-fossil fuelism than a result of an inscrutable choice. In other words, what people like most about electric powered vehicles is that they don't use gasoline. But has there been enough critical evaluation of electric powered vehicles?" Do green cars live up to the hype, or is just green car marketing to the extreme?

vampire power phantom load wall wart

2) User Aitrus is wondering about vampire power, saying, "I've read in a couple places now where if you don't physically unplug something it will continue to draw power - is this true for everything? I'm super dilligent in keeping my computer, tv, dvd player and lights turned off when I'm not using them. But do I need to actually unplug all my electronics to stop them from drawing power? What about my lights(lamps etc)? fans? toaster? tea kettle?" There's lots of good tips in the thread for putting a stop to vampire power, phantom loads, wall warts, and whatever else you want to call it.

how to reduce your electricity usage

3) Forums user Condo Blues says, "My new year's resolution is to reduce our gas & electricity use by 20%. A home energy audit showed that our electric consumption is consistently high while our natural gas consumption (for heat & hot water) rises & lowers seasonally. The measures we're taking to reduce natural gas consumption are working. The measure we've taken to reduce electric consumption (for everything else) isn't working." We'll have to go beyond the basics to figure this one out...

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