TH Forums Highlights: Green Car Dealership, Recharging Tesla + More

Green car dealership Chrysler

1) Forums user Nova wants to talk green cars: "What do you all think about Chrylser LLC building a certified Chrysler Green dealership? Plus spending $3 billion in new fuel technology to improve fuel efficiency." Early word in the thread is something like, "Yeah, it's okay, but when are we going to see this new technology and these new concepts?" It's a balance: you have to walk before you can run, but talk of investing in new technology only gets us so far. Where do you come down on this?

Tesla Roadster

2) Speaking of green cars that actually exist, user Hydrotopia says, "If you watch the half hour video with Tesla owner Elon Musk you'll see he discusses the various performance statistics of his car. He claims it costs $3-$4 in electricity to charge the car which then gets 220-260 miles of range from that charge. He claims it takes about 60Kw's to charge the Roadster. We get power at 10 cents a Kwh down here so it would be about $6 to 'fill' the Tesla's tank." That works out to 110 - 130 real world miles per gallon...not too shabby.

Recycle reuse laminated paper

3) Lastly, Forums user ev101 has a dilly of a pickle: "I work for a company that makes labor law posters, a product that changes frequently and unpredictably. This leaves us with product (17" x 24" pieces of laminated paper) that can't be sold. I am looking for a way to avoid throwing so many of these away on a monthly basis. Does anyone have ideas for reusing or recycling?"

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