TH Forums Highlights: Going Green at School, Green Flooring in the Basement + More

Flowing fast and furious through a series of tubes, right to your desktop, here are some highlights from TreeHugger Forums...


1) Now that forums user atheos13 is back at school, it's time to get the 'Student for a Better Earth' club rolling. So far, the list of objectives includes school-wide recycling, biodiesel in the buses, a garden for the cafeteria, increased energy efficiency (like with energy-saving lightbulbs and computer equipment) and much more. " I would love some feedback from the TH community on what I, and others, can do to green their schools." Lots of good ideas here; anyone else?


2) User citizenkahn wonders, "What are the good environmentally friendly options for basement floors that I can use in a slightly musty basement?" Recycled rubber, cork, salvaged lumber and palm wood are in as a possibility, and bamboo is out -- dampness and moisture are a necessary consideration here. So far, it looks like recycled rubber and no additional flooring at all -- with maybe a few coats of sealant -- are leading the way.


3) Forums user ed is looking for an affordable solar trailer to be designed, so we can get away from grid power and the seemingly endless cycle of replacing batteries that provide portable power. The thread notes that this has implications far beyond just hand-held portable power, as they could potentially replace portable generators that are thrust in to action when the grid gets overloaded and goes down. Solar power on the go is a great idea; anyone know how to help make it work?

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