TH Forums Highlights: GM Greenwashing, Promoting Green Companies + More


1) Forums user Dave_Michael just produced a video on greenwashing, taking a specific look at the environmental marketing & practices at General Motors. With talk of the Volt and other greener cars, they've generated some pretty good buzz, but are they talking more than doing? Can we believe anything we see from GM, or is the Volt even washed a shade of green? And where do ethanol and flex-fuel fit in all this? Discuss...


2) User mionix is wondering about the ethics of green business, and promoting the use of more stuff, even if it's green, in reference to websites like, saying, "Even though most of the companies featured on this site seem to be environmentally friendly, they still keep producing more and more potential rubbish? Aren't even publications like this helping proliferate obsolescence? How do we reduce/stop production/consumption of future rubbish all there a website that promotes that?" Anyone?


3) Taking a ride in the Forums Wayback Machine, post from 6 months ago from user J. has experienced a renaissance lately, talking about a new paradigm for self-sufficiency where
"...each community would be entirely responsible for its finite resources, and all byproducts from the processing of those resources. It would reflect a major shift in our society, but could offer hope for a sustainable future." Pretty different from nowadays, for sure, but could it work?

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