TH Forums Highlights: Genetically Modified Foods, Gas Mileage Regulations and More

The beat goes on in The TreeHugger Forums, with a small explosion over the Vegan-Hummer vs. Omnivore-Hybrid debate we covered last week (let's keep it civilized, folks. We're all playing for the same team here). Aside from that, there's lots of worthwhile discussion and important issues being discussed; remember, you can register (it's free!), log in and add your thoughts to any and all topics. Some highlights from the past few days are below...


1) User gizzigoo is looking for some clarification when it comes to genetically-modified foods and organisms. "I thought I had a reasonable understanding of this topic, I have followed it through from the controversial beginning till now and as far as I know I have avoided GM foods. This was the statement that made me stop and think about this: 'We have to remeber [sic] that GM's were the start of the green revolution...'" Hmm. Thoughts?


2) User Collin McConville puts the forum polls to work, asking, "Should the American Government increase minimium [sic] fuel efficency [sic]?" While the majority of poll voters seem to be coming down on one side (guess which one...), there's lots to talk about when it comes to the international geopolitics of selling cars and whether or not CAFE standards will ever really make a difference in the US. Discuss...


3) JiltedCitizen wonders "Why do vegetarians feel the need to fake meat? If they don't eat meat why fake eating it? Why all the veggie burgers, fake hot dogs, etc etc etc. There has to be a better way to prepare the same ingredients. Is it a social thing? Don't want to be different?" Anyone of the vegetarian persuasion care to weigh in? More good discussion after the jump...


4) Forum moderator Alida Cornelius reports that China is number one in carbon emissions, with the US now at number two. What about per capita ratios? Is this even a worthwhile metric to measure pollution? Does China care less than, as much as, or more than the US about carbon emissions? Those questions and more, right here.

5) Lastly, user henrysunset says, "I live in the Seattle, WA area and am considering a Whole House Fan to add comfort in my home during the evenings of the summer months. The rule of thumb I keep seeing is that you need a big fan for even a relatively small home." henrysunset has done the homework; can anyone with real-world experience give him some advice on which way to go?

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