TH Forums Highlights: Feminine Products, Click to Donate, Organic Milk and More


1) New forums user throughware (welcome!) ponders, "I recently joined and was shocked that there were a lot of topics about not using disposable diapers, but nothing so far about not using disposable feminine products. Just curious as to why I haven't been able to find anything on the forums about these types of products, because they DO exist." While this is news to some and not to others, an interesting side discussion takes off about the dichotomy between disposable diapers and feminine products.


2) User exformation (another new user -- thanks for stopping in!) has an interesting idea: a click-to-donate website for global warming. "I imagined this would work would by generating ad revenue, then purchasing carbon offsets or other beneficial carbon reducing ventures. I believe the most important part about this is not just to donate to help solve this problem, but to encourage more active, positive action. Because I believe this flurry of activity right now will cause an avalanche of support for this cause soon and we are starting to see that happen. What I'm hoping for is the proverbial 'tipping point'." Who would be willing to click once a day?


3) Forums user snwbrder0721 points to a recent op-ed about the health benefits of organic milk over conventional milk...or the lack of health benefits, according to the article. "Try as they may, proponents of organic foods have not been able to produce evidence that the food produced by conventional farms is anything but safe." Hmm. One forums user has found a way around the debate: home-produced breast milk. The perfect green company and leaf burning: yay or nay, after the jump...


4) User ayomide is wondering what the ingredients are for the perfect green company. What should they do? What shouldn't they do? Why would you buy the products? Why wouldn't you buy the products? And so on and so forth." Most everyone can agree that transparency and materials-use are important, but what else makes up such a company? And is there such a thing as "perfect"?

5) Lastly, forums user HarleyJane is wondering about whether or not to burn a pile of leaves and brush, rather than taking the time and effort to bundle it and have the trash guys haul it away. Advice ranges from burying to composting to mulching it, but there's one thing just about everyone agrees on: please don't burn the pile.

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