TH Forums Highlights: Energy Conservation, GE Rice in Beer + More

At TreeHugger Forums, the green handwriting is on the wall. Hit it...


1) Forums user stevejust wants to talk energy conservation after looking "at my bill from the last two months (los angles dept. of water power does a two month billing cycle) and I was floored to see that my average usage was 7 kwH per day. This might not sound like a lot to some -- especially when it covers two hot months of some air conditioning usage-- but I was almost literally never at home during those two months." Changing light bulbs to compact fluorescents is already on this list; who else has hot tips?


2) User praqueen takes note of this dandy bit of news: "Greenpeace exposed yesterday that Budweiser is using genetic engineered rice in their beer. Yes, Genetic engineered rice! Not just rice, but GE RICE!" What the Bud? According to one commenter on the thread, rice doesn't have much place in beer -- something that's pretty easy to agree with -- but it's more widespread than we'd all like to think. Can GE crops be stopped?


3) Lastly, user keoni wants to talk home heating by burning wood: "Does anyone know of a list that ranks types of wood with the amount of heat they produce in a wood burning stove/fireplace insert?" While this question hasn't been answered, the bigger question is "How much sense does it make to heat your home with wood in the first place?" Discuss.

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