TH Forums Highlights: End of the World?, Reel Mowers, Back to School and More

TreeHugger Forums are proving to be a very timely, diverse community that is fostering a bunch of discussions, from deep green questions about philosophy to new greenies getting in the act for the first time. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) Forums user Collin McConville wonders which will give out first: the planet or humans' population growth, considering all the drought, flooding forest fires and other catastrophe happening these days: "I know that Humans don't necassarily have a direct link on all of these things.. its still an interesting correlation. So, what does everyone think? Will this planet stop our population's growth? Or will we procreate until we have to go find a new planet."


2) User gizzigoo is duking it out with her husband over which lawn mower to use. After a small explosion (yikes!), she thought maybe a reel mower would be better, "but as we do not have a suburban type yard my husband said that is just wouldn't be effective, we are on acreage and a little bit hilly, with stones and tree branches it makes quite a rough terrain." Could cordless electric be the answer?


3) User mylescloutier takes note that "Well it's getting close to September once again. I'm going into grade 12 and I'm sure there must be some other Treehuggers out there who will find it's time to start buying school supplies again soon", and has made a list (and checked it twice) of basic stuff many students will need every day; be sure to hit it up before hitting the stores. How green is the Prius and green deodorant, after the jump...


4) Forum user MyDogRex says, "Not to sound like a stinky hippy or anything but I have a question about deodorant. Are there any natural options out there? Some deodorants I have used can be a bit harsh and I have noticed that many use aluminum." Potential respondents, please take note: "just go without" is not a viable option.

5) User jwpaine has been putting some thought in to it, and says, "I got thinking, a Prius can't be all that good for the environment. I recently bought a Toyota Yaris and get 45 miles to the gallon highway- about 10 less than a Prius- hey, I could have bought the Yaris and 3000 gallons of gas for the price of a Prius, but apart from cost, is the slight increase in gas milage really 'going green'?" After adding in other factors, like batteries, does jwpaine have a point?

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