TH Forums Highlights: Electric Car Mechanics, Buying the Farm + More

electric car mechanic

1) Forums user ed has reason to believe that electric cars put mechanics out of business: "Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and drive line inefficiencies and idling. With an Electric Car it costs just $2.00 per 100kms with MUCH more performance than with petrol at $20.00 per 100kms."

organic farming with cow

2) User CarpeOminous is ready to buy the farm, so to speak: "I want to own a house and grow vegetables and raise chickens. I want to live in a place where the view from my house is grass and farm land. I want a self sustained peacefully spot on the good green earth and leave the city behind. (unless to work, my dream job is to install solar panels for a living) How do I do this.? what are the first steps.? where can I learn to grow vegetables and make a living from this?"

biodiesel versus hybrid car

3) Lastly, Forums user madsciencewillow says, "I was just watching Wa$ted on Discovery Homes, and the host lady had one guy living out in the country trade his diesel vehicle for a hybrid SUV. Wouldn't she have been better off getting the guy to go biodiesel, or better yet use a vegetable oil system on his existing vehicle? Even if he had to get his own Fuel-Meister or equivalent system, I still think that would cost less and work better than buying a new vehicle." Anyone else?

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