TH Forums Highlights: Edible Yards, Air-Cleansing House Plants + More


1) "Is 'hyperlocal' the new organic?" wonders Forums user OG, in relation
to the topic of edible yards. Who grows their own? Who wants one? Who doesn't? "What can they do to contribute to sustainability? What are their drawbacks? Can we be food self-sufficient within a city's borders? Discuss."


2) User charityjunebug has a question about house plants: "I want to improve the air quality in my apartment, so I went to a local nursery and pretty much walked out after 2 minutes. I have no clue what I am doing, and it seems like a lot of the plants were meant to be re-potted and left outdoors (?) Does anyone have any suggestions about a good house plant?" Spider plants, English ivy and the peace lily have all been recommended...anyone else?


3) Lastly, Forums user practica is advocating that we all aim to make our dwellings a bit more sustainable. "Here in Minnesota we have lots of granite and limestone - so why did my neighbors send to the South for marble countertops for their bathroom? Why did my cousin insist on some pretty blue stone from France? We need to change policies, but we also need to change our daily lives. And if we each move one pebble, we can dig our way out of this mess."

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