TH Forums Highlights: Eco-Vices, Green Gift-Wrapping and More

The TreeHugger Forums are positively pulsating with green energy and interesting discussions about some of the finer (and a few not so fine) points of all things green. If you haven't already, register here (it's free) and log in to add your voice to the nearly 1500 users spending their two cents. Here are some highlights...


1) Hey, nobody's perfect, notes forum user Wolverine, who wonders, "What thing do you have that you wish were more green that you cannot or will not give up?" His personal list includes commuting by car and the occasional steak and hopes the discussion will maximize the "potential to learn something, both about ourselves and what else needs to be done to lean someone else in the green direction."


2) User royalquetzal says, "I was reading the article on greening your gift giving, but there wasn't really anything about gift wrapping. There was a quick mention of using other gifts such as a scarf or reusable packaging such as gift bags and boxes. But I is there any gift wrap that is going to be greener than your typical gift wrap?" Can anyone help?


3) User Melody is "curious to discover what people are really looking for when they see Organic products advertised." Is the word enough, or is a third-party certification necessary? Do individual ingredients affect your decision? Does the individual company's commitment to the environment influence your purchasing? Lots of interesting thoughts about where the Big O fits in. More good discussion after the jump...


4) User MissyWombat wonders, "Which is greener: Buying 'fresh' milk in 3L plastic bottles or UHT milk in 1 or 2L tetrapacks or 'fresh' milk in 1L tetrapaks." Antibiotics, hormones and Mexican dairy farmers all factor into the answers.

5) Lastly, as a college student quickly assimilating to a green lifestyle, RoseVine says, "Making my life green is an automatic instict [sic] for me and it is who I am. I would have thought more people my age would think the same...So is it just me or is the younger generations not as concerned?"

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