TH Forums Highlights: Eco Stereotypes, Sigg Sipping + More


1) Forums user ChocolateBikes says, "Lately I have been feeling the stereotypes of being an "environmentalist". People think I've lost my mind because I have given up meat, and commute to school via bike in January, for example. My biggest frustration is when people ask me why I do these things, but when I go on to tell them, I can tell they have doubts about what I am saying. I guess my question how do you let those people who seem resistant to eco-friendly ideas understand the benefits of your choices, in a way that will get them to listen?" 'Huggers, how do you defend your turf?


2) User tammyhennig is looking for some Sigg converts: "Sigg bottles seem to be a very good product for me. I saw them at Whole Foods last night and they seem to be very light weighted. Of course it will feel a little heavy when I add the water but still it's not glass or plastic. I was concerned about the aluminum part but according to the company, it is safe to use. Same with the lining inside the bottle since it is water-based and non-toxic polymer." Who can give tammy some advice?


3) Forums user sensiblesustainable is doing some remodeling, and wants to do it green: "Our first task is to add a 1/2 bath and redo the laundry room. the space is approx 4 1/2' X 12', unfinished (cement slab). I am raising the floor up 6 to 7" to match the level of the rest of the house, and this will allow for running sewer,, what can I do to make this a sustainable or green remodel/renovation/addition?" Dual-flush toilet, FSC-certified flooring and energy-efficient appliances are all on the list, and a greywater system is not (too expensive) so what else should go on the list? Discuss.

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