TH Forums Highlights: Eating Less Meat, Going Green on the Cheap + More


1) Forums user inkabinkaboo182 needs some help: "Eating meat is one of the worst things to do, when talking about the environment. At best, meat takes acres and acres of grass to raise and a small distance to ship. At worst, it causes Amazonian deforestation and pounds of grain to raise one pound of meat, and it is shipped across thousands of miles. Personally, though, I'm having trouble giving up meat and animal products." Any converted carnivores have any ideas or advice?


2) User crevis79 has a conondrum: "I am a college administrator and instructor. I am also someone looking to make my impact on mother earth smaller. I love the idea of finding dress clothes that have low impact on the environment. I have seen items like this on the web, but at GREAT cost. Working at a college is much more about the experience than the money, so I don't have a huge budget for clothing. Anyone have any experience with dress clothes that are earth friendly that are not going to force me to get a second job?"


3) In the same vein, Forums user wolfspirit is looking for more ways to go green on the cheap. "I believe there is a large portion of the country that does not want to hear the 'enviro-hippy bullcrap,' but would buy green if there was a tangible benefit to themselves ($$$, in this case). The goal is to come up with a list of items that fulfill both goals, being green(er), and being better on the wallet." Some of the low-hanging fruit -- CFLs, paper-maximizing printing, saving energy at home -- has been picked; what else can we do to save some bucks while going green?

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